5 reasons why you should grow your own food from home

Do you love the idea to grow your own food from home, but you are hesitating? Even if you are a beginner and you start small or you have a small apartment with little space… there are certain fruits, vegetables and herbs that grow easily even indoors and don’t require much space.

Here are five reasons why we love to grow food and we hope it gives you the inspiration to do the same, especially now that we are working on a solution that makes it so easy for you to grow food from home. So you have no excuse why you can’t do it! 😉

1. Get the real deal of nutrients

Many of the foods you buy in the fresh food section are not that fresh after all. Strawberries can be up to 3 months old and lettuce is often shipped from outside the country (mostly from Spain). The moment you harvest produce, it starts to lose nutrients. Grow your own and treat yourself with a real nutrition food bombs. Good for your mind and body.

2. Eat without worrying about what you’re eating

This is an ongoing topic. Most of the produce we eat is treated with chemicals and pesticides in one way or the other, and people are still arguing which ones are harmful and which aren’t for humans. Even organic food is treated with chemicals and different bio labels consider different methods as organic. When you grow your own food from home, you don’t need to worry about this as you know exactly where the food comes from and how you treated it.

3. Experience taste explosions in your mouth

You can’t eat any fresher than eating home-grown food and that reflects itself in the taste. The taste of freshly picked tomatoes is just fantastic and the refreshing smell and intense flavour of basil is amazing, you don’t want to go back once you’ve tried it.

4. The joy of growing your own

Maybe you haven’t considered yourself so much being a gardener until this point. Even if you should have a garden or balcony, growing food just feels often complicated and doesn’t work out the way you want. Or you think in your small place it’s simply not worth it. But we found, once you tried it and see how easy it is, most people get into it and find real pleasure in growing their own. This doesn’t necessarily mean you grow everything, you could just have a little herb garden at your windowsill. Also for kids it is great to see and learn how a plant grows from seed and yields fruit.

5. Take pride in eating your home-grown food

This might sound funny but according to a YouGov study 77% of people who grow their own food, say they do it because it makes them happy to eat their own produce and that is brings more satisfaction than saving money. And it is true! Knowing that you have produced the food you are eating is a great feeling.

Those are our main five reasons why we believe you should grow food from home, but there are many more such as the therapeutic effect, you of course also save some money and it is great to teach kids about where food comes from. Whatever the reason, there are just so many benefits and at the end of the day: We are what we eat!

Sabrina Palme

Sabrina Palme

Co-founder & CEO at Gartenzwerg Technologies
Sabrina Palme

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