Why is crowdfunding important for start-ups with a physical product?

We are getting ready! This is tougher than pitching directly to investors. Now we are getting reactions not just from a few, but from a great amount of people, including you! And the major difference is that we are not talking to VCs or serial investors, but people who consider to invest because they would buy the product and they love what Gartenzwerg stands for.

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t do it if we weren’t convinced ourselves that Gartenzwerg can bring an easy and fun indoor gardening experience to your home and moreover access to super fresh food year round.

Why are you doing a crowdfunding campaign at this stage of the process?

Crowdfunding can be intimidating, especially for an early stage start-up. However, we believe it’s a great reality check and even more: If you build a physical product you can’t just delete the files in case there is no good response, you literally sit on piles of inventory and all the costs that went with it. So we better make super sure you love it, which is why we are opening the round to the community.

We want to know from the beginning any questions, concerns and suggestions our future customers and ambassadors have and what better way to prove than taking the step and go out to the crowd? We love Gartenzwerg and are passionate about our vision to enable anyone to grow their own food from home. But we can be as excited as we want, if we don’t get the buy in from the community, we don’t go very far.

OK, so where are you at with Gartenzwerg?

We’re not going to lie, building a physical product can be challenging especially if it is a tech product. Over the course of the last year we worked hard and focused on R&D, prototyping and the business model. With this, we have successfully built a fully functioning Beta-Gartenzwerg (MVP) and secured the first half of this investment round from major Angel investors.

We also just got accepted to the Entrepreneurial Spark accelerator program which gives us access and support to a network of experts and professionals who will support us bringing Gartenzwerg to market. Over the course of the next 6 months we will get Gartenzwerg ready for mass production with the goal to launch towards second half of 2018.

Where do you see Gartenzwerg in the future?

Indoor gardening is just the beginning. Our goal is to make fresh-food accessible to anyone around the world and to make “growing your own food from home” effortless and as normal as having a fridge. Said that, we are focusing initially on high density developed cities, where space and time are scarce for many. However, in the longer term, imagine how we can bring fresh food to the masses in places like China, India and many African countries where arable land and water are as just scarce as fresh-food, and where over population and pollution are already a reality.

Let’s say, I’m somewhat interested. What’s next?

If you consider to invest in Gartenzwerg and want to get more info about this round of investment, pre-register your interest on our website (non-binding) and you will be among the first to have access to our crowdfunding campaign. On request you can also receive our pitch-deck, launch roadmap and financials.

CLICK HERE to pre-register your interest to invest in Gartenzwerg.

Sabrina Palme

Sabrina Palme

Co-founder & CEO at Gartenzwerg Technologies
Sabrina Palme

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  1. Hello there Sabrina and Andre,

    Glad to hear about your project. Hopefully you can reach something concrete very soon after all the studies ana protoyping. I know you devoted a lot of time in it. I’m interested to hear more about it.

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