In The Spirit Of Christmas: Reflecting The Year And Looking Eagerly To 2018

With the holidays on our front doors, we want to take the time to reflect on the last year and look enthusiastically into the next one.

It is easy to get caught up trying to achieve your goals and KPI’s so much that you end up not really acknowledging what you have accomplished. There is so much to do and always the next step and the big goal.

So let me tell you, it has been a crazy, amazing, frustrating, motivating, difficult and inspiring year. We went from a DIY prototype to our MVP, from traditional nine-to-five jobs to full-time entrepreneurs, have participated in two of the best accelerator programmes in London, hired our first employee – an absolute talented embedded systems engineer, have an office space in the heart of London, have made valuable partnerships and are 86% funded in our pre-seed investment round.

Looking at it this way, it’s been a fantastic year

Of course, there have been many moments where we also thought thinks were going bloody bad. We’ve had to let go one team member who was with us at the very early stage, had to manage full-time jobs while working all nights and weekends on Gartenzwerg and often had to plan meticulously every week on where we spend what. It wasn’t always easy, but looking at it now, I feel we learned out of these experiences and they were part of our achievements. At the end, an achievement doesn’t feel like one if you didn’t have to work for it hard.

We met so many wonderful people who have helped us on our journey and without them, we wouldn’t have gotten this far. Whether it was great mentors who helped and supported us simply because they love the idea, new friends who supported us without a question and old friends who spread the word and became our ambassadors. We made a lot of interesting and new connections and realise that we are building the Gartenzwerg community already, with people who see the potential and believe into our vision. Thanks you all for your support, feedback and energy!

Now we are already looking into what lies ahead and if the last year was exciting, the next one will be simply overwhelming. We just received the confirmation to be part of this year IoT Tribe, a 3-month programme that focuses on supporting a handpicked list of IoT start-ups to bring their products to market, starting mid-January. Their facilities, tools, network and mentors will be perfect to get Gartenzwerg ready for mass-production in 2018.

We are also in the hiring process, looking to grow the team further with a Horticulturist and a Marketing Manager. In Q2, a trip to China and India is planned to inspect manufacturers’ facilities and agree on a deal to produce Gartenzwerg.

This is indeed what we are most excited about: the launch of Gartenzwerg! It is the greatest goal we are working towards and all of our minds are set on it. There are many great things planned to get there, including a crowdfunding campaign, pop-up events, beta testing and much more.

For certain we won’t get bored and will have another challenging and promising year ahead of us.

If you want to be part of the future and become more self-sufficient and sustainable with our automated personal indoor gardens, join our growing community. We’d love to have you on board!

To all our investors, partners and supporters a Merry Christmas and a great start into the New Year.

Your Gartenzwerg Team.

Sabrina Palme

Sabrina Palme

Co-founder & CEO at Gartenzwerg Technologies
Sabrina Palme

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