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  • Hydroponics
    Ever heard of Hydroponics? Hydro.. what?
    February 17, 2018
    A Brief Dive Into The History Of Hydroponics. What Does A Plant Need To Grow? Well, We Are all Able To Get Together The Basics: Sunlight, Water And Some Soil. But The Question Is How Do These Variables Affect Each Other? There Are Some ...
    In The Spirit Of Christmas: Reflecting The Year And Looking Eagerly To 2018
    December 21, 2017
    With the holidays on our front doors, we want to take the time to reflect on the last year and look enthusiastically into the next one. It is easy to get caught up trying to achieve your goals and KPI’s so much that you end up ...
  • Blockchain
    How Blockchain And Personal Farming Will Bring Transparency Over The Food We Eat
    December 13, 2017
    Blockchain technology is coming to the mainstream as a game changer in several sectors, and this includes the entire food industry. The process of finding out where the food ...
    A Look Into The Future: The Power Of Personal Indoor Farming
    December 7, 2017
    Recently, we have been asked where we want to go with Gartenzwerg and what our long-term vision is. At the moment, people who live in small places, harsh weather conditions or high density cities don’t even think about...
    Why is crowdfunding important for start-ups with a physical product?
    October 31, 2017
    We are getting ready! This is tougher than pitching directly to investors. Now we are getting reactions not just from a few, but from a great amount of people, including you...
    How an evergrowing world population will affect your eating habits
    October 11, 2017
    Did you know that by 2050 the expected world population is 9.8 billion people? This is a seriously massive number...
    Quitting my job to go full-time with my start-up
    September 21, 2017
    Today is my last day as a full-time employee. I quit to work fully on my own business. From today on, I'm the CEO of Gartenzwerg...
    5 reasons why you should grow your own food from home
    August 21, 2017
    Do you love the idea to grow your own food from home, but you are hesitating? Even if you are a beginner and you start small or you have a small apartment with little space…