The Grounded Type

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Grow food from home sustainably, year-round, at the push of a button! Fresh, healthy and super tasty.
The Gartenzwerg Smart Garden “The Grounded Type” is connected to you via the Gartenzwerg app and monitors automatically watering cycles, light settings and plant conditions. If there is anything your plants need, Gartenzwerg notifies you via the Gartenzwerg app.

1x Gartenzwerg Smart Garden “The Grounded Type”
6x Plants of choice (Plants refill will be available in our shop soon!)
1x Plants Starter Kit
App downloadable for free Android & IOS

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If you rather do not want your garden to hang around, the Grounded Type is the right match for you. Keep the Gartenzwerg at your arms’s length when cooking or use it as classic plant-decoration that has the little extra in your home.

The Technology: Gartenzwerg adjusts itself according to the type of plants you grow, the growth stage they’re at and the local environment. The smart sensors allow Gartenzwerg to monitor water cycles, water level, pH level, temperature, humidity and growth light settings. Enjoy growing your own plants, hassle and mess free!

The App:
– Real time notifications
– Easy-to-follow interactive tutorials
– Plant health and growth status
– Recipes, plant info
– Check in on your plants where ever you are